The stock company Kaolin has years of experience and tradition in exploitation of kaolin

clay, quartz sand and gravel. The company has been founded 1964 with main office in Valjevska Kamenica, and since 1982 functions as an independent organisation with main office in Valjevo.

The stock company Kaolin has ownership over two deposits, i.e., mines:

- Quartz sand and gravel mine in Pepeljevcu  and

- Kaolin clay mine in Milicinica.

The production of quartz sand and gravel is 10.000t per year, whereas the one of kaolin clay

is around 30.000t per year.

It is an important fact that these numbers for both mines could be increased even three times.

The company successfully provides many companies with quartz sand and gravel - all water-supplying systems in the country, including the ones considered as big - Belgrade, Nis, Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Krusevac, Cacak, Vranje, also most of the thermal power stations and the National Oil Industry.

The company also exports to Iraq and Greece.

The Kaolin stock company supplies all ceramics industries in the country with kaolin clay - Toza Markovic Kikinda, Keramika Kanjiza, Polet Novi Becej, Keramika Mladenovac, etc., and many companies from Italy have shown their interest in cooperating with Kaolin.

The company employs 50 people.